Asthma Camp Report

We had 27 volunteers who donated 374 hours of their time. Thanks very much to Linda Cochrane who encouraged and enlisted 11 RT students to help serve as counselors. We also had 3 Jr. Counselors, two of whom had been campers in the past.

Special thanks to Tamra Eagle at Lewis Gale Medical Center and Jennifer Gutierrez at Virginia Premier, who planned and organized the many activities to keep the children busy for a total of 24 hrs! Lewis Gale was a very generous sponsor donating 50 tickets to the Salem Red Sox game, food and beverages, paying the fee for the zoo staff to bring animals for show and tell, among many other things. Thanks also to Regina Rackow for getting 6 meals donated and having enough snacks and drinks for all. Dr. Tamez served as Medical Director and Disciplinarian. Thanks to his deep voice, we were able to keep the peace most of the time.

We had lots of media coverage thanks to Carilion’s Allie Buth in the Marketing Dept. She sent out PSAs which were picked up by the Roanoke Times, WSLS and the PBS channel. There were several notices about camp in the Smith Mountain Lake weekly supplement to the Roanoke Times. WSLS was there the first day and broadcast several minutes of camp in the local news show that evening. The PBS channel televised a show on Tuesday, July 20 called Health Quest. Their topic was asthma and they included several segments from asthma camp. A reporter and a photographer from Virginia Tech spent most of a day at camp filming and interviewing for an article they will be writing about asthma in their research magazine to be published in the Fall.

Pre and Post test results were analyzed by Linda Cochrane. They showed an improvement from 66.67% on the pre-tests to 83.3% on the post test which is an increase in knowledge of 16.63%.

Thanks to very generous donations of $1000 by Virginia Premier and a $500 donation from an anonymous donor as well registration fees of $210 and excellent stewardship of our funds by the camp planning committee, we added this income to our beginning balance from last year.

The most important part to report is that 18 children with asthma had a great time, made new friends, experienced activities that they may have never had the opportunity to do, and learned more about their disease and how to manage it so that they may lead normal productive lives. Thanks to all who made this happen!

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