Fifth Annual Carilion Clinic Research Day

Dr. Stuart Tousman


If you plan on attending Dr. Tousman’s presentation at Research Day on May 10th (3:30 pm at VTCOM Riverside) it would be good to register in advance.   Register by calling 540-266-6000 or 800-422-8482.

Come see Stuart Tousman, of our coalition, present on “Designing an Effective Adult Asthma Self-Management Program.”  Full info on the conference is below, and more can be found on the Carilion website.

May 10, 2012, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, 2 Riverside Circle, Roanoke, VA

Please join us for our Fifth Annual Carilion Clinic Research Day. This conference has been developed to highlight translational research and its important role as one of Carilion’s three pillars. The atmosphere is informal and the audience is encouraged to participate in discussions.

Keynote presentation
“Economic Games and the Underpinnings of Cognition in Health and Disease”— P. Read Montague, Ph.D., Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Participants will describe what constitutes a trans-disease process.  Participants will identify the neural mechanisms of excessive discounting and how this leads to new candidates for treatment.

About the keynote speaker
Dr. Montague is the founding director of the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory and the Computational Psychiatry Unit of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VTCRI). Dr. Montague’s work centers broadly on human social cognition, decision-making, and willful choice with a goal of understanding the detailed underlying neurobiology of these functions in health and disease. His work particularly focuses on computational neuroscience—the connection between physical mechanisms present in real neural tissue and the computational functions that these mechanisms embody.  His laboratory uses theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches to these issues. In particular, the group now employs novel approaches to functional neuroimaging, new biomarkers for mental disease, spectroscopy, real-time voltammetry, and computational simulations.  Dr. Montague also directs the Roanoke Brain Study (RBS), a project aimed at understanding decision-making through the lifespan and its relationship to brain development, function, and disease.

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