Be Prepared for Fall Allergies

My daughter came home from school yesterday snuffly and congested with the onset of Fall allergies.  Though we tend to concentrate on allergies during the Spring – when everyone’s car and front porch is covered in a layer of pollen – Fall allergies can be a problem as well, particularly when they trigger asthma attacks.  From WebMD:

For children, the start of a new school year can also mean the beginning of fall allergy symptoms. Dust mites and mold both flourish in schools. Add to that chalk dust, which can get airborne with the bang of an eraser and trigger wheezing in children with asthma. Considering all of these potential allergens, it’s not surprising that researchers have noted a sharp spike in asthma symptoms among children during late September and early October.

Check out the rest of the entry for tips on how to mitigate the worst of Fall allergens.

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