Sharing is Power!




Better Building Works is an energy and design service located here in Downtown Roanoke. Their services include incentive profiling, energy audits, energy retrofits, master planning, consulting, and many other various services listed on their website. This past Summer, Better Building Works teamed up with four local non-profit organizations including Rebuilding Together Roanoke, Roanoke Foundation for Downtown Inc, Opera Roanoke, and The Greater Roanoke Valley Asthma & Air Quality Coalition. Until June 2014, Better Building Works will donate 10% of every energy assessment performed to these partnering non-profit organizations.

Energy Assessments are proving to be a crucial element for businesses and homeowners who want to save energy. Energy audits display areas in a building that are leaking air or are performing inefficiently. Once these areas are identified, retrofits can be applied and homeowners and business owners can save money on their energy bills. When individuals produce less energy at home by utilizing their energy more efficiently, the air in the Greater Roanoke Valley will be cleaner. Better Building Works is an important part of Roanoke reaching that goal.

To read more about the “Sharing is Power” program, visit Better Building Works Press Release or for any questions regarding the program, contact Monica Rokicki

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