Study Confirms Value of Air Purifiers

MedPageToday covers a recent study that confirms the health effects of air purifiers in the home.  Specifically, it talks about the benefits of air purifiers pulling fine particulate matter pollution – or PM 2.5 – out of in-home air.

The study shows that even short-term exposure to cleaner air has a positive impact on lung and heart health.  This is notable for a couple of reasons:

First, the idea that on bad air quality days it is best to stay indoors is not always a good one.  A house with poor ventilation can run the risk of trapping pollutants inside, making indoor air less healthy than outdoor air.  This is why its important when trying to button your home down to improve energy conservation – sealing windows and so forth – to keep necessary levels of ventilation intact, and to work with a professional when possible to make sure energy efficiency is balanced with air quality.  A house that is sealed too well and doesn’t allow the proper about of air transference can be an unhealthy house – maybe even a deadly one if combined with poor ventilation for combustion equipment like gas stoves and furnaces!

Second, in the Roanoke region we know that fine particulate matter is a growing concerns.  Unlike ozone, which is primarily a summertime health hazard, PM 2.5 hangs around all year and can come from a variety of sources – coal-burning power plants, wildfires, construction, vehicle emissions, and others.  This study, on a smaller scale, just confirms that breathing in these small particles does have a negative impact on your health – and breathing clean air for even a little while can start reversing those impacts!

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