AQI Update for November 2015

Our Air Quality Index spreadsheet has been updated to include data through November.


Highlights from Mark Barker of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League:

  • None of the days in November were in the Top Ten highest days for ozone or PM 2.5 for 2015.
  • Only 1 yellow day in November.  That was for PM 2.5 and it was at AQI of 51, just barely in the yellow.
  • With one month to go, 2015 is looking like it will be an average year for Rke Valley AQI:  roughly over 30 yellow AQI days.
  • So far in 2015, 298 green days and 36 yellow days.    This is comparable to recent years:  2014: 329 Green AQI days, 36 Yellow days.  2013: 344 Green AQI days, 21 Yellow (note: There was no PM 2.5 monitor from March 8 –  July 3, 2013).  2012:  321 Green AQI days, 38 Yellow days, 1 Orange day, and 6 no data days.
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