New VA Regulations to Limit Carbon Emissions

Check out this article from the Richmond Times Dispatch:

The Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board on Thursday unanimously approved a draft regulation to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and link Virginia to a carbon-trading network of nine other states….

If the rule is adopted, Virginia would become the 10th state to trade carbon allowances through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the 12th state to impose carbon pricing regulations on the power sector, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group in Arlington.

While the GRVAAQC doesn’t explicitly address carbon emissions, we recognize that the kinds of air pollution that have more local impacts often have the same source – power plant stacks and automobile tailpipes, for example – as carbon emissions.  Efforts to reduce one generally reduce the other.  Given that most of Virginia’s power is still generated from goal, and the local particulate and related emissions from the burning of coal are of significant concern when it comes to lung health, we will be interested to see how this regulation proceeds and the potential impact on overall cleaner air/

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