Final Air Quality Report for 2017

Our air quality monitor volunteer, Mark Barker with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, has provided the final air quality numbers for 2017:


You can visit our Air Quality page for a complete look at the region’s air quality performance.

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2 Responses to Final Air Quality Report for 2017

  1. Just curious, where do you get these statistics? And do you think the air quality is getting better because of the local businesses cooperating?

    • James – this data is collected from numbers put out by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, collected from several monitors across the Roanoke Valley. Of course, it’s hard to pinpoint any one reason for the improvement in air quality, but we do think it is a combination of efforts – business’ progress in reducing energy consumption and emitting less (for those businesses that have point-source emissions in the Valley); people moving away from driving all the time, even if the numbers are still small; and improvements to diesel engines that mean the trucks driving down I-81 are emitting less. These are some of the things we know are working together to keep the Valley’s air more breathable.

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