Roanoke Air Quality

Roanoke Valley Air Quality Index (AQI) Days

The Roanoke Valley’s AQI days are tracked using the Virginia Department of Air Quality website air monitoring data. This data displays hourly observations of daily ozone and Particulate Matter 2.5. that are converted to that day’s AQI. The main Air Quality tab on our website, displays the AQI matrix that shows which levels of ozone and PM 2.5 are considered hazardous to our health, here in the Roanoke Valley. If you are having trouble interpreting the Air Quality Index, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality provides further assistance here.

Where is air quality in the Roanoke Valley monitored?

Download this spreadsheet to see past and current ozone and PM 2.5 monitors in the Roanoke Valley.

How has the Roanoke Valley’s air quality been in 2016 Year-to-Date?


Download the 2016 month to date spreadsheet here.

How was the Roanoke Valley’s air quality in 2015?


Download the 2015 month to date spreadsheet here.

How was the Roanoke Valley’s air quality in 2014?


See our PM 2.5 page for more info on particulate pollution.  In 2014, air quality was relatively good.  In the Roanoke Valley ozone is becoming less of a problem while Particulate Matter becomes a larger one.  Particulates can come from a variety of sources – they can be imported in from beyond the region on air currents, having their sources as power plants or other major industrial activity.  They can form from industrial sources within the valley.  They can come from tailpipe emissions.  Construction activity can kick up particulates.  They can even come from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

Download the 2014 Roanoke Valley AQI spreadsheet to see the air quality data from each day that was monitored.

How was the Roanoke Valley’s air quality in 2013? Percent of AQI days 2013

  • There were 344 green AQI days.
  • 21 days that were monitored have been yellow AQI days. Of these days, one was caused by higher ozone concentrations while the other 20 days were yellow due to PM 2.5 concentrations. Therefore, PM 2.5 levels have been worse this year than in 2012.
  • There were no orange days.
  • As an important note to this data, the Roanoke Valley AQI PM 2.5 monitor was offline from March 8 – July 3 (118 days) while it was being relocated from the Round Hill Montessori Elementary School in Roanoke, Virginia to the Herman L. Horn Elementary School in Vinton, Virginia. This complication may suggest that there would have been more yellow AQI days for PM 2.5 if the monitor had been in operation at all times.
  • In addition, a new, more stringent PM 2.5 standard went into effect on March 18, 2013.

Download the 2013 Roanoke Valley AQI spreadsheet to see the air quality data from each day that was monitored.

How was the Roanoke Valley’s air quality in 2012?

Percent of AQI days 2012

  • 87.7% of days in the Roanoke Valley last year were green (green on the AQI matrix equates to a good air quality day)
  • Just over 10% of the days in the Valley last year were yellow (yellow on the AQI matrix equates to moderate air quality day.
  • Only one day last year was orange (orange on the matrix signifies air quality that is unhealthy for sensitive groups such as asthmatics, the elderly, and children). On this day (June 29,2012), the ozone concentration in the air was 77 parts per billion (ppb) for an 8-hour average.  Healthy concentrations exist in the 0-59 ppb range.
  • The primary pollutant in the Roanoke Valley’s air was ozone. Ozone was the main pollutant for over 60% of the days monitored last year.
  • Over 90% of days were “green” in terms of PM 2.5 concentrations.

Download the 2012 Roanoke Valley AQI spreadsheet to see the air quality data from each day that was monitored. See the daily forecast and current AQI for Roanoke Valley here. If you click more maps, you will also find links to current ozone and PM 2.5. concentrations specifically. 

We will periodically update the current year’s spreadsheet throughout the year so please check back.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  


2 Responses to Roanoke Air Quality

  1. Frank Dieter says:

    March 4, 2011,

    On your website I cannot view the AQI Ozone charts and wonder if these can be emailed to me. I would like to attend the next big wind public hearing later this month and may possibly make a presentation supporting big wind for the Roanoke Valley. I am on the Sierra Club Executive Committee and wish to offer evidence that our air quality would be positively impacted by wind as an alternate energy source.

    Any information that you can send me that presents trended historical data on our AQI would be most appreciated.


    Frank Dieter

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